My mother is going to KILL ME !

In our younger lives, we probably said this to ourselves, to our friends. For me generally, it was underneath my breath.  Didn’t do my homework? Forget to get a ride to swim practice? There probably wasn’t a week that went by during my high school years that I uttered, “My mother is going to KILL ME !”

And as with most teenage girls, it was all drama.  My mother is a wonderful person.  I mean truly.  Today, my old friends from high school stop by the house 30+ years after my brother and I graduated (and left the area) to see HER.  Many hours, our friends have spent sitting at the kitchen table talking to Mom- about life. That’s my Mom.  The Mom of all Mom’s, we were the house where kids hung out. She made chocolate chip cookies and whoopie pies, listened to all our tales and kept our secrets.  She loves everyone she meets and everyone she meets loves her.

I am blessed, no doubt.

Mom often tells this story:  “When Kelly was about 13 years old, she came downstairs, sat at the table and was all attitude.”  (Hey, I was a teenager!) She said to me, “I don’t know who YOU are, but please go up and get my happy daughter and ask her to come down – you can stay up there.”   

We survived my teens. Mom and I are close in spite of it all. She’s my best friend. She also is a widow with a very active life and until very recently worked full time. Mom is busy and likes it that way, she also has two springer pups and a guinea pig.  She is far from a typical “senior citizen.”


Mom is my number one fan.  She cheers me on, loves me and often underneath her breath says, “She is just like her father.” When I told her about this blog, she said, “Sounds like FUN!”  I am a business owner, active volunteer and often rope Mom into volunteering with me at the American Folk Festival or bake some cookies for a benefit we are attending together.

Friday before Christmas 2016, I received an email from someone (that had thought she was texting me). “Your mom just left in an ambulance, call me.” unsigned.  I had just happened to check my email, it was a miracle that I saw it. Mom was supposed to be on her way up to my house to spend the holiday.



Mom’s cheer when we took her home from the hospital Christmas Day 2016

There I was 35 years later saying it again. I had no idea who sent me the email, where Mom was or who I was supposed to call. There was no answer on her cell phone.

This situation and others are what this blog is about.  The twists and turns of our life together. Navigating health and life with my Mom in her late 70’s and me in my mid 50’s. Living life with laughter and some tears but most of all love and understanding of our individual challenges.  

Hope you will join us!

Kelly Cotiaux

About Kelly Cotiaux

Why are these people getting old? Kelly has noticed her friends and family kids are growing older, going to college, moving out. Health problems that only “Seniors” have and AARP invites a topic of conversation at Bagel Central. Then there is “Mom.” The adventures of navigating life with a Senior Mom that lives 2 hours away. Sometimes all you can do is laugh.