About Kelly

A  50+ woman, a daughter, friend, aunt, a business owner of a web development company for more than 15 years.  Kelly Cotiaux’s career path has always focused on marketing.  Pushed into using technology, at first, her bosses refused to use it altogether. Therefore, it was “part of the job” to learn. Mainframe word processing programs, use email, newsletter programs, the list…endless. Along the way, she discovered most of her bosses lacked as communicators of the written word- spelling being the biggest offender.

Even then, she enjoyed writing and has been developing and evolving her writing skills to solve problems since the 1980’s.

Kelly Cotiaux

Kelly Cotiaux

Kelly has written countless scripts, articles, proposals, press releases, copy and web content to help businesses communicate to their potential clients. Telling their story, selling their product.  

Additionally, being a member of the Marketing Communications department at the New England School of Communications at Husson University.  As an adjunct instructor for Marketing and Social Media, she had the privilege to be on the journey of hundreds of students as they grew. Today, she describes that experience as a true honor to share in such important years of life.

Kelly is a problem solver. And learning the hard way may not always fun-but it is better than not learning at all!  Her role in life began as a team player, backing up her Dad as he supported his Mother while she aged and also being part of the process when her Dad needed help.  

Enter: Her own Mom. Kelly’s Mom is energetic and vibrantly moving through her own life, not missing a beat, well most of the time.

This what Lunch with Mom is about.  Lunch With Mom hopes to share some laughs, challenges and some of the ways to plan for chaos so when it comes (and it does, trust us). Being prepared. How becoming a partner in Mom’s health care, retirement decisions, etc. discussing tough topics being navigated over a pizza or a greek salad.

Kelly has a blog, Techno-Trapped at 50 North is a result of her friends and her Mom’s friends asking questions about technology. Topics from “Passwords, SMASHwords !! ” to “Feeling like your head’s in the clouds?” and the latest scams, Kelly blends her familiarity and expertise to access resources like AARP and Senator Susan Collins, (Chairman of the Senate Aging Committee) to help her explain things in simple terms.